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The rapid pulse of urban living sometimes opposes our innate need to slow down and delight in the little details. Coming home to a comfortable space grounds such contradictory sensibilities, achieving a balance between the urgency of what needs to be done and the stillness of the present.

The Metro south offers an environment that leaves the body at ease and the soul in solitude. Among the viable residences young professionals can settle down in is Bristol, a master-planned upscale residential development in Filinvest City. Located along the corner of Corporate Avenue and Parkway Avenue, Bristol at Parkway Place settles one within the peaceful greenery of Alabang but within walking and driving distance of life’s necessities and creative comforts – a short drive away from the Northgate Cyberzone, the hottest dining spots at Westgate, retail therapy at the Festival Supermall, leisurely escapes at the Crimson Hotel, and relaxing indulgences at the Palm’s Country Club. At the same time, convenience is not compromised for relaxed, natural living. Filigree head, Catherine A. Ilagan speaks highly of Filinvest City’s capacity and sustainability as a “Garden City.” “We’re very proud of what we have done in terms of planning Filinvest City. The Garden City is one of our pillars. Even if we’re a CBD, we have aa lot of green elements in terms of landscaping and trees. We have thousands of date palms in the area, dedicating enough space for them and making sure they thrive,” she explains. These date palms aim to create and sustain a healthier commercial business district, thus promoting healthy living among its residents.

The refreshing environment doesn’t end outside of Bristol. Their one-, two-, and three-bedroom units are spacious enough to accommodate small to medium sized families. The neutral tones that are seen across the rooms welcome natural light, while also maintaining a minimalist feel that is always refreshing to the eyes. Bristol also encourages a cozy community with its 40-storey height and a low-density capacity with a maximum of 10 units per floor. There’s more than enough space for your body to roam, and creates exclusivity in using its sophisticated amenities.

To achieve life’s necessary balance, Bristol also has venues for creating new memories with family and friends. The function room is a suitable venue for welcoming major milestones such as a child’s birthday. You can also organize a fun movie night with friends at the tower’s very own Entertainment/Media room. Mothers or young professionals harried by life’s difficulties can attain mindfulness at the Meditation Yoga Deck. After a full day at work, yuppies can unwind and enjoy a panoramic view of Alabang skyline and Laguna de Bay at the Sky Lounge. Bristol does not compromise comfort for convenience – the details of these lifestyles become an integral part of the individual’s daily habits.

The living experience is not limited to the corners of each unit or the completion of amenities. Catherine Ilagan assures investors that because of Bristol’s premiere location, the rental yields will be much higher than your usual condominium.

As cities grow and roads pave the way to new destinations, Bristol at Parkway Place promises its future residents a life that is not only peaceful, but cosmopolitan yet comfortable in every way.



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