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  • Parkway Place is an exclusive residential complex. It has its own private gate with a circular drive and an impressive water feature providing for that grand entrance requisite.
  • The Library / Study Hall is a quiet place for everyone to catch up on reading, for students to finish their homework, have lessons with a private tutor or to work without distraction.
  • When hosting parties or private events with friends or conducting business-related gatherings, Function Room is an ideal venue.
  • Have a movie night with your friends watching videos in the comfort of Bristol’s Entertainment / Media Room.
  • For the times you need to slow down and take a breather, the Meditation Yoga Deck becomes the go-to place for some solitude and relaxation.
  • A plush landscaped al-fresco retail strip and boutique shops located at the ground floor add to the numerous restaurant and retail choices, aside from those found at Festival Supermall, providing an evolving entertainment landscape.

condominium building features

  • Exclusive main lobby / reception area
  • Two (2) high-speed passenger elevators
  • One (1) freight / service elevator
  • Centralized mailroom
  • Building administration office
  • Building maintenance room
  • Driver’s lounge
  • Integrated multi-level basement parking
  • Retail promenade at the ground floor provides an evolving entertainment landscape

zen-inspired amenities

  1. a – Swimming pool
  2. b – Kiddie pool
  3. c – Landscaped pool deck
  4. d – Tree courtyard
  5. e – Function room
  6. f – Fitness center
  7. g – Children’s gym play
  1. h – Elegant water feature
  2. i – Grand reception
  3. j – Private circular driveway
  4. k – Meditative yoga deck
  5. l – Library
  6. m – Entertainment center

safety details

  • 24-hour security center
  • Standby generator for common areas
  • Emergency power at selected outlets and lights
  • Automatic smoke and heat detection system
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system
  • Pressurized fire exit stairs
  • Dry standpipe for fire department connections
  • Fire storage tank and fire pump system

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