Renting Out Your Condo in Alabang

Many people who invest in condos in Alabang make the most out of their property by renting it out to professionals and tourists who want to stay away from the crowded districts of Manila, but still want to be in a higher accessible location. Condos in prime locations, such as Filigree’s condominium in Alabang, Bristol at Parkway Place will be one of the smartest investments you can make because of the high demand of a superb living space in the city. So if you’re ready to rent out your condo in Alabang, here are the things that you should keep in mind.

Know your condo

Knowing the parts of your condo enables you to give your clients a nice walkthrough

As a unit owner, familiarize yourself with parts of your condo. Accustom yourself with your condo’s key features and how they work. Knowing your condo well will help you market your unit to other people.

Reach out to the right market

When you think of Alabang, the first things that will come to mind are the business and commercial districts surrounding it. After carefully studying the area, you would come to know what your target market will be. It can be young professionals, business executives, expats, retirees and alike.

After only nailing down your target market could you think of a way in which you can advertise your condo to your target market. Do you do a posting on the internet? Or submit a vacancy at a broadsheet? Will you tell your family and friends about it and let them spread the word to their networks? Even better, do you have a close friend or a relative who know people who are interested in renting a condo in Alabang? Knowing the right people and using the right medium to use are crucial at this. Choose a medium which can surely reach many members of your target market.

Take good visuals

A good picture of the interior of your unit engages clients to visit

How you entice people in renting your condo is up to you. Your unit is already placed in a prime location, but interested renter would want to know more. Take good pictures of your unit. You can also use your mobile phone and take a video to provide a ‘virtual tour’ of your unit.  You can also provide necessary information to show that you are a legitimate lessee.

Tweak your unit a bit

Once you have bought your own condo, you are now responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the property. This means that you are free to renovate your unit depending on your need. Check your unit for possible repairs before putting it up for rent. You will be able to rent out your unit at a higher price if it is well-maintained.

Tailor your changes to suit your target market. Units at Filigree have premium features bedrooms with built-in closets, modular kitchen base with overhead cabinets which includes a range hood and a stone surface countertop with stainless steel sink and faucet with grease trap. But your client may want more than that. You can put additional features just make sure that despite your changes in the unit, it will still be able to suit anyone in your target market.

Do a background check

Renting out your property is literally inviting someone into your home. And you would not rent your property to someone you don’t trust. You should be able to see if your client has the capacity to pay rent so it’s important to ask documents. Also, trust your instincts. Even if they have more than enough capacity to pay believe your gut feel if your client can be trusted or not. If your guts tell you not to let this client rent the place, then don’t do it.

A condo in Alabang is anyone’s dream. Even if you don’t plan on using it for the meantime, owning a unit at Bristol is a good investment. Your unit raises the bar on luxury cosmopolitan living so take good care of it and be cautious when renting it out.

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