What’s In an Address?

Filigree elevates living experience and social stature with its new Bristol that speaks of prestige and power

One’s residence tells a lot about a person: your home speaks of your hard work, your success in life. It gives you both the pride and confidence about where you live. Property developer Filinvest knows this and now presents a new high-rise condominium building that is all about power: a power address in a rising neighbourhood with top-notch architecture.

Bristol at Parkway Place is rising in Filinvest City, the premier garden Central Business District in South Manila. It will literally be taking residents to higher ground with its towering height. Named after one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom, the 40-storey high-end condominium will be the residence- to-be for those seeking a stately and neoteric lifestyle.

It’s where you are
Conveniently located at the corner of Parkway and Corporate Avenues, Bristol straddles three main points of Alabang: Parkway Place, the top-end condo complex it is part of; the Spectrum District which is rapidly turning into the economic core of Filinvest City; and the dynamic Filinvest City itself.

“Bristol is the second installment in the Parkway Place condominium complex. As one of the first buildings welcoming motorists from the Filinvest Exit of SLEX, the tower will set the tone for the entire Filinvest City.” says Kate Ilagan, Filigree head.

The building’s curved façade, crowned with a sky terrace and a trellis canopy, further enhances Manila’s southern skyline as it towers over all the other buildings throughout Alabang. The panoramic view of the picturesque urban centre stretches out to Laguna de Bay: certainly a feast for the eyes particularly during the full moon. The structure’s overall design is the result of a collaboration between award-winning California firm Architecture International with local architect Carmelo Casas.

“Bristol offers a unique experience that the discerning market looks for in contemporary living. As a self- contained modern metropolis, all life’s necessities are available within easy reach in Filinvest City, but with less traffic and better air quality,” Ilagan says.

A Cosmopolitan Lifestyle
“Just like the residents of Bristol the city, Bristol residents will be treated with great shopping being just across Festival Alabang, great scenery being the tallest building in Filinvest City, and great social scene being part of a breathing metropolis that is Filinvest City,” she declares.

But Bristol’s pleasingly powerful aesthetic on the outside is equally good on the inside, perhaps even better. A refined lifestyle awaits the residents with top-notch amenities such as swimming pools for both kids and adults, a children’s playground, library, media centre, fitness centre, an outdoor yoga deck, and a private retail strip.

Inside the efficiently-planned 345 units – with only 10 units in each floor – are energy-efficient air conditioning systems, eco-friendly lighting fixtures, and natural ventilation from the garden city.

Green Haven
Filigreepulled out all the stops to give Bristol residents the prestigious lifestyle they deserve by putting the people’s experience first in designing the entire community Bristol is part of: Filinvest City, which houses tree canopies, fish ponds, a living creek, a bird habitat, bigger and wider roads, and more pedestrian-friendly walkways.

“Bristol puts its residents in the centre of everything. In city planning, it is the built environment that comes first; the user experience will come afterwards. For us, it’s the other way around: how people would navigate within, and would interact with the built environment was thought out first, then came the planning,” says Ilagan, adding, “This ensures that Filinvest City is a breathing community with a high quality of life.”

Two car lanes have been removed to give way to more pedestrian walkways and bike lanes, while construction of numerous public parks are already underway. True to its commitment to nature, Filinvest is on its way to acquire a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate for neighbourhood, the first real estate developer in the country to do so.

For the company, having greens and gardens is not enough for a sustainable community. Successfully protecting and enhancing the overall health, natural environment, and quality of life is the true essence of being a “green property.”

“This is done by designing the neighbourhood in a way that encourages people to walk and eventually reduce vehicles miles travelled (VMT), by creating developments that are accessible by foot or public transit, and by having green buildings and infrastructures for more efficient energy and water use,” Ilagan explains.

Residents of Bristol will get to experience a closer interaction with nature, the urban charm of the city, and the social clout that comes from its grand address. The polished lifestyle it offers is truly the peak of luxurious living.


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